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Wise Woman Pedagogy Workshop: Intersectionality, Diversity Work, and Feminist Pedagogy

Monday, April 5, 2021
5:00 PM on ZOOM
Zoom Link TBA

In a conversation grounded in texts from thinkers such as Sara Ahmed, Roderick Ferguson, and Angela Davis, we will interrogate critical terms consequential to the work of justice and equity in the classroom. We will examine how although multiply oppressed people are often situated at the heart of diversity work, they are often casualties of the very systems meant to support them (via exploited labor, retaliation, under-investment, etc). Taking these realities into account, we ask: how might we enact a pedagogy that raises up these issues and use our classrooms as spaces to disrupt these negative cycles? How might the classroom be a site of mitigating harm? How do we attend to vulnerable students in our classrooms? How can we make our classrooms more liberatory both for our students and ourselves?

Please join Jean Giles-Sims Wise Woman Award winners Dr. Stacie McCormick (2020) and Dr. Rima Abunasser (2017) for this virtual Wise Woman Pedagogy Workshop!

[The Jean Giles-Sims Wise Woman Award is presented to the faculty member who best exemplifies the principles of Women and Gender Studies and helps to further gender justice on campus. The award, determined by student votes, recognizes faculty contributions both inside and outside the classroom.]