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I chose to major in Women & Gender Studies because I want to use the knowledge that I have learned throughout the courses I have taken to be a male activist educating other men on 1.) issues of violence against women and 2.) ways of debunking the societal pressures to conform to hypermasculinity.”
J.R. Hardy, Class of 2019, the first TCU student to graduate with a major in WGST

I think one of my favorite parts of studying Women & Gender Studies has been the chance to really learn about and communicate about what I see as a wrong, and then to learn how to change it. It is more than a minor, major, or set of classes; it is a way of seeing the world, a way of living.”
Maddie Weinstock, WGST minor, Class of 2019

“I am so thankful to be a part of this amazing department and have a supportive community here on campus.”
Mayra Guardiola, WGST Graduate Certificate student, Class of 2019

“The day that I changed my major to Women & Gender Studies was the day that I started majoring in my passion….I have found the courage and bravery to establish my voice and to use it to promote fair and equal treatment for all women.”
Milana Bolash, WGST major, Class of 2021

“I credit my success to my experiences at TCU and my involvement in Women & Gender Studies. My WGST classes taught me to value the experiences of the individual and place them in a larger context. Without these classes, I would lack fundamental knowledge in analyzing the social issues that I hope to solve. I truly believe that everyone should be required to take at least one WGST class and that the knowledge from my WGST classes will continue to influence my life long after graduation.”
Madison White, WGST emphasis, Class of 2017, Leadership Consultant, Sigma Kappa Sorority

“At a social gathering recently, I sat in silence as my friends commiserated over one of the most significant shortcomings of their academic careers: the narrow scope of their studies. Though I am generally the first person to offer her opinion, I stayed quiet. The truth is that I just couldn’t relate. The Women & Gender Studies curriculum gave me the opportunity to do more than just become an expert in one niche area of my specific field. The multidisciplinary aspect of WGST pushed me to experiment in subjects across the board—from Civil War history to silent film. Besides coming in quite handy at pub trivia, the wide scope of topics encompassed by WGST bolstered my confidence in my ability to adapt to different styles of writing, research, and thinking. Furthermore, the diversity of my studies provided me with a wide variety of valuable experiences to draw upon and reference in job applications and interviews. I believe that being exposed to so many unique points of view has affected a lasting change in me as a person. Regularly exercising my ability to put myself in others’ shoes and see things from other perspectives while in WGST has made me a better team member and collaborator. I use the skills and self-assurance I honed in WGST every single day, both in my professional and personal life.”
Alex Harvey, WGST Minor, Class of 2017, Intelligence Analyst, Strategic Insight Group

2019 WGST Graduate Certificate Students at their Hooding Ceremony in English and History