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TCU Women and Gender Studies faculty are active scholars committed to advancing the program across the disciplines. Several faculty members have recently been honored, promoted, received grants, or published articles or books in their fields.

Faculty Honors and Awards

  • Rima Abunasser (English) TCU AddRan Creativity and Innovation in Learning Program, 2015
  • Ariane M. Balizet (English)– TCU Junior Faculty Nominee, National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend, 2014 (for Shakespeare in Girl Culture)
  • Ariane Balizet (English) Finalist TCU Deans’ Teaching Award, 2014
  • Vanessa Bouche (Political Science) – Finalist, Wassenich Award for Mentoring in the TCU Community, 2014
  • Vanessa Bouche (Political Science) – PanHellenic Month of the Scholar, Faculty nominee 2014
  • Vanessa Bouche (Political Science) TCU AddRan Grant Submission Incentive Program, 2015
  • Chantel Carlson (English) TCU AddRan Creativity and Innovation in Learning Program, 2015
  • Catherine Coleman (Strategic Communication) – Top Paper Award and Top Six Paper Award at Southwestern Mass Communication Journal, 2014
  • Carrie Currier (Political Science) TCU AddRan Mid-Career Summer Research Program, 2015
  • Carrie Currier (Political Science) Finalist TCU Deans’ Teaching Award, 2014
  • Myra Debose (Nursing) – TCU summer research funding on decision making process of African American women when determining breast cancer treatment plans, 2014
  • Theresa Gaul (English) Finalist for TCU Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Achievement as a Teacher Scholar, 2014
  • Hanan Hammad (History) TCU AddRan Grant Submission Incentive Program, 2015
  • Melanie Harris (Religion)—TCU AddRan Administrative Fellow, 2015-16
  • Linda Hughes (English) TCU Invests in Research Grant for interdisciplinary symposium on nineteenth century replication, 2014
  • Max Krochmal (History) grants from Brown Foundation Inc. Houston and Summerlee Foundation of Dallas, 2014
  • Max Krochmal (History) TCU AddRan Creativity and Innovation in Learning Program, 2015
  • Debi Iba (Communication Studies) – Outstanding Faculty Achievement Award, Omicrom Chi Chapter, Lambda Pi Eta, 2014
  • Jan Lacina (Education) Finalist for TCU Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Achievement as a Teacher Scholar, 2014
  • Jacqueline Lambiase (Strategic Communication) Top Paper award in the Public Relations Division of AEJMC, 2014
  • Alex Lemon (English) Finalist TCU Deans’ Research Award, 2014
  • Alex Lemon (English) TCU AddRan Mid-Career Summer Research Program, 2015
  • Shelly Matthews (Brite) Catherine Saylor Hill Endowed Faculty Excellence Award presented by Brite Divinity School faculty to recognize excellence in teaching, scholarship and service
  • Julie S. O’Neill (Communication) Finalist for TCU Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Achievement as a Teacher Scholar, 2014
  • Sarah Robbins (English; Honors College) 2014 TCU Ferrari Award for Distinguished University Service and Leadership
  • Cecelia Silva (Education) TCU Deans’ Teaching Award, 2014
  • Wendy Williams (English) Best paper award by a graduate student or emerging scholar, Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada conference, 2014
  • TCU Research and Creativity Grants, 2014-15

  • Nada Elias-Lambert (Social Work)– Bystander sexual violence prevention program evaluation
  • Elizabeth Flowers (Religion)– Rosalyn Carter: faith, feminism, and the politics of family
  • Theresa Gaul (English)– Women’s writing and missionary discourse in early national America
  • Linda Hughes (English)– The cultural prehistory of replication in art, literature, and science
  • Rebecca Sharpless (History)– People of the wheat: grain, flour, bread, and the development of North Texas
  • Lisa Vanderlinden and Jeannine Gailey (Sociology and Anthropology)– Gulf Coast Illness:  health, risk and vulnerability in the aftermath of the BP disaster
  • TCU Instructional Development Grants, 2014
  • Layne Craig (English)– Digital Modernism:  Creating assignments for a revised English course
  • Vanessa Miller (Psychology)– Understanding the Human Brain: Learning Structure & Function:  Student Integration of Course Material

Selected Faculty Publications 2014-2015

  • Ariane M. Balizet (English). Blood and Home in Modern Drama: Domestic Identity on the Renaissance Stage, 2014
  • Ariane M. Balizet (English). “Breastfeeding, Grief and the Fluid Economy of Healthy Children in Shakespeare’s Play,” Disability, Health and Happiness in the Shakespearean Body,2014
  • Ariane M. Balizet (English). “Blood and Genre: Bleeding Domesticity in A Yorkshire Tragedy.” The Oxford Blood Conference, 2014
  • Vanessa Bouche (Political Science). “Gendered Diffusion on Gendered Issues: The Case of Human Trafficking,” Journal of Public Policy, 2014
  • Catherine Coleman (Strategic Communication). “Advertising Professionals’ Perceptions of the Impact of Gender Portrayals on Men and Women: A Question of Ethics,” Journal of Advertising, 2014
  • Catherine Coleman (Strategic Communication) “Poverty in Consumer Culture: Towards a Transformative Social Representation,” Journal of Marketing Management, 2014
  • Catherine Coleman (Strategic Communication) “Social Comparison to Advertising Depictions: Exploring Advertising Practitioners’ Perspectives, in Advances in Consumer Research, 2014
  • Lori Boornazaian Diel (Art History) “The Mapa Quinatzin and Texcoco’s Ideal Subordinate Lords,” In Reconciling Portraits of Aztec-Texcoco, 2014.
  • Nada Elias-Lambert (Social Work) “Controlling Behaviors in Middle School Youth’s Dating Relationships: Reactions and Help Seeking Behavior,” Journal of Early Adolescence, 2014
  • Nada Elias-Lambert (Social Work) “Bystander Sexual Violence Prevention Program: Outcomes for High and Low Risk University Men,” Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 2015
  • Jeannine Gailey (Sociology and Anthropology) The Hyper(in)visible Fat Woman: Weight and Gender Discourse in Contemporary Society, 2014
  • Theresa Gaul (English) Cherokee Sister: The Collected Writings of Catharine Brown, 1818-1823, 2014
  • Theresa Gaul (English) “Locating Women in Male-Authored Archives: Catharine Brown, Cherokee Women and the ABCFM Papers,” Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature, 2014
  • Hanan Hammad (History) “Regulating Sexuality: The Colonial-National Struggle over Prostitution after the British Invasion of Egypt,” in The Long 1890s in Egypt: Colonial Quiescence, Subterranean Resistance, 2014
  • Charlotte Hogg (English) “Reunion,” in the literary journal Newfound: an Inquiry of Place, 2014.
  • Francyne Huckaby (Education) “Much more than power: the pedagogy of promiscuous black feminism,” in Promiscuous Feminist Methodologies in Education: Engaging Research Beyond Gender, 2014
  • Francyne Huckaby (Education) “Paradox, protest and wise communities: Responses to the common core state standards,” Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy, 2014
  • Linda Hughes (English) “SIDEWAYS! Navigating the Materiality of Print Culture,” Victorian Periodicals Review, 2014
  • Linda Hughes (English) “Between Politics and Deer Stalking: Browning’s Periodical Poetry” in Victorian Poetry, 2014
  • Linda Hughes (English) and Sarah Robbins (English; Honors College), eds. Teaching Transatlanticism: Resources for Teaching Nineteenth-Century Anglo-American Print Culture, 2015
  • Debi Iba (Communication Studies) “Changes in eye contact and attraction scores relative to ostracism and dissent,” Small Group Research, 2015
  • Max Krochman (History) “San Antonio Chicano Organizers: Labor Activists and el Movimiento” in The Chicano Movement: Perspectives from the Twenty-first Century, 2014.
  • Jaqueline Lambiase (Strategic Communication) “Fuzzy, transparent and fast: Journalists and public relations practitioners characterize their connections and interactions in social media,” Journal of Social Media in Society, 2014
  • Alex Lemon (English) The Wish Book: Poems, 2014
  • Alex Lemon (English) “Appetite for Destruction,” Poem, Literary Reviews (2014)
  • Shelly Matthews (Brite Divinity) “Feminist Histriography in Feminist Biblical Studies in the Twentieth Century: Scholarship and Movement, 2014
  • Mona Narain (English) Gender and Space in British Literature, 1660-1820, Ashgate Press, (2014)
  • Sarah Robbins (English; Honors College) “The ‘Indian Problem’ in Elaine Goodale Eastman’s Authorship: Gender and Racial Identity Tensions Unsettling a Romantic Pedagogy” in Romantic Education in Nineteenth-Century Literature: National and Transatlantic Contexts, 2015.
  • Wendy Williams (English) George Eliot, Poetess, 2014
  • Jessica Zeller (Dance) “Luigi Albertieri: Bringing Italian Traditions to American Ballet,” in Dance Chronicle (2015)


Jacqueline Lambiase was named interim director, Strategic Communication
Sarah Robbins was named interim dean, J.V Roach Honors College


Faculty granted tenure

Catherine Adelaide Coleman (Strategic Communication)

Faculty promoted to the rank of professor

Mary Rebecca Sharpless (History and Geography)
Jacqueline J. Lambiase (Strategic Communication)

Faculty promoted to the rank of associate professor

Catherine Adelaide Coleman (Strategic Communication)