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New Award Announced- The Yancy Austin and Georgia Ellis Austin Prize


Photo of Georgia Ellis Austin

Photo of Georgia Ellis Austin

Funds for the Women and Gender Studies program for 2018 have been received in honor of Yancy and Georgia Ellis Austin who lived in the small village of Hopewell outside of Crockett, Texas from approximately 1880-1930. Like many Texans after the Civil War, they both inherited and bought land which they passed to their heirs. Georgia Ellis Austin (1875-1936) was an heir of Claiborne Ellis, who was enslaved from approximately 1830-1865. Yancy Austin (1860-1922) purchased and farmed approximately 400 acres. Over 200 acres remain in the hands of heirs, who share and honor the memories of a photograph, a letter and artifacts of a beloved, determined couple. Among the heirs, the donor, Dr. Australia Tarver, emeritus associate professor in the English department and affiliate of Women & Gender Studies at TCU, wishes to bring past and present together in celebration of her maternal great-grandparents’ history, part of which is recorded on a historical marker of the Goodbly School (Highway 287 East) started by the Hopewell community where the Austins lived. Dr. Tarver has generously established this prize with funds received from the sale of a portion of the land originally inherited and purchased by Yancy and Georgia Ellis Austin.

This prize will be awarded to a student who declares a major, minor, or emphasis in Women & Gender Studies with a demonstrated interest in the history, literature, or culture of a marginalized social identity or community. Dr. Tarver wishes to see the prize celebrate student research or creative activity that demonstrates a process of critical self-examination and a student’s new consciousness or understanding as a result of their project. Finding the intellectual space to express this new knowledge is a way of honoring the lives of Dr. Tarver’s ancestors, Yancy Austin and Georgia Ellis Austin.

For more information on the Yancy Austin and Georgia Ellis Austin Prize, please visit the prize page or contact