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Student Projects

These projects were produced in Women & Gender Studies classes or as part of grants funded by Women & Gender Studies

Queer Activist Buttons Project by WGST 30193: Queer Theories (Fall 2019)

CanUSeeHer Project by Lillian Young (Class of 2019)

Clit-Ocracy Project by Karli Archuleta (Class of 2019)

Competither Project by Ruby Powell (Class of 2019)

Defining Queer Project by Milana Bolash (Class of 2021)

Queer Dictionary Project by Kendra Klaerner (Class of 2021)

#sayhername, A primer on Women of Color Feminisms by WGST 30303

You Will Not Play This… , a manifesto by Haley Merrithew (Class of 2020)

Vessel, Colin Onderdonk (Class of 2021)