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Faculty/Staff List

TCU WGST faculty are divided into two tiers of memberships: Core and Associate.

Core members. A core member is a TCU faculty or staff member who is involved in the program in at least two of the following ways:  1) teaching a course designated as Women and Gender Studies within the last five years; 2) serving on a WGST committee; 3) engaging with the program by production and sharing of feminist/gender critical scholarship and/or attending its functions, meetings, and other activities.

Associate members. An associate member is a TCU faculty or staff member who does not wish to vote or serve on committees but is supportive of and wishes to be affiliated with the program.

Name Email Address Department College
Abunasser, Rima English AddRan
Allie, Jennifer Medical Education TCU UNTHSC School of Medicine
Angle, Sarah School of Strategic Communication Bob Schieffer College of Communication
Balizet, Ariane English AddRan
Ballard, Jan Graphic Design Fine Arts
Bezusko, Adriane English AddRan
Blackwell, Bonnie English AddRan
Campbell, Jodi History AddRan
Carlson, Chantel L. English AddRan
Carnahan, Leah CARE N/A
Chen, Guangyan Modern Language Studies AddRan
Coleman, Catherine School of Strategic Communication Bob Schieffer College of Communication
Cormican, Muriel Modern Language Studies AddRan
Craig, Layne English AddRan
Currier, Carrie Political Science AddRan
DeNapoli, Antoinette Religion AddRan
Diel, Lori Art History Fine Arts
Dunn, Lindsay Center for Writing
Elias-Lambert, Nada Social Work Harris College
English, Ashley Strategic Communications Bob Schieffer College of Communication
Farris, Emily Political Science AddRan
Fike, Rosemarie Economics AddRan
Fripp, Jessica Art Fine Arts
Gailey, Jeannine Sociology and Anthropology AddRan
Garza, Melita Journalism AddRan
Gaul, Theresa English AddRan
Gooding, Frederick W. John V. Roach Honors College
Green, Joanne Political Science AddRan
Guardiola, Mayra Faculty Affairs and Development TCU/UNTHSC School of Medicine
Hammad, Hanan History AddRan
Harris, Melanie Religion AddRan
Hart, Kylo-Patrick FTDM Bob Schieffer College of Communication
Harvey, John Economics AddRan
Helms, Jason English AddRan
Hernández, Estee John V Roach Honors College
Hogg, Charlotte English AddRan
Hosainy, Hadi History AddRan
Huckaby, Fran Education Education
Huddleston, Gabriel Curriculum Studies Education
Hughes, Linda English AddRan
Iba, Debi Communication Studies Bob Schieffer College of Communication
Jackson, Lynn Social Work Harris College
Jones, Zoranna Harris Academic Resource Center Harris College
Kang, Namsoon Brite Brite
Knight, Lindsay Student Development Services N/A
Krochmal, Max History AddRan
Kynard, Carmen English AddRan
Lambiase, Jacqueline School of Strategic Communication Bob Schieffer College of Communication
Lauve-Moon, Katie Social Work Harris College
Lee, Sohyun Spanish and Hispanic Studies AddRan
Lemon, Alex English AddRan
Livedalen, Rachel Studio Art Fine Arts
Lowry, Margaret Women & Gender Studies SIS
Manning, Brandon English AddRan
Mantey, Jane Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies SIS/td>
Martin, Nina School for Classical & Contemporary Dance Fine Arts
Matthews, Shelly Brite Divinity School Brite Divinity School
Mayne, Rhiannon Monnig Meteorite/Environmental Sciences College of Science and Engineering
McCormick, Stacie English AddRan
Mitchell, Lauren Narrative Medicine TCU/UNTHSC School of Medicine
Murray, Joddy English AddRan
Narain, Mona English AddRan
Parsons, Sara-Jayne Art Galleries Fine Arts
Piñón, Santiago Religion AddRan
Przymus, Steve Education Education
Queen, Kristen Music Fine Arts
Quesada, Jan Religion AddRan
Reddy, Shweta IDMF Fine Arts
Rockett, Tracey Management Neeley
Rose, Ebony Human Resources N/A
Robbins, Sarah English AddRan
Sanders, Claire History AddRan
Sassman, Cheryl Library N/A
Schein, Marie Modern Language Studies AddRan
Schneidmueller, Birgit Marketing/Strategic Communications Neeley/Bob Schieffer College of Communication
Sharpless, Rebecca History AddRan
Steele, Karen English AddRan
Teixeira, Esther Spanish and Hispanic Studies AddRan
Testa, Nino Women & Gender Studies SIS
Thompson, Angela Sociology and Anthropology AddRan
Thompson, Carol Sociology and Anthropology AddRan
Towne, Angela Women & Gender Studies SIS
Vanderlinden, Lisa Sociology and Anthropology AddRan
Vuic, Kara Dixon History AddRan
Weinburgh, Molly Education Education
Williams, Wendy J.V. Roach Honors College
Williams Vann, Dede Student Development Services
Zarrugh, Amina Sociology and Anthropology AddRan



Name Email Department College
Akagi, Mikio J.V. Roach Honors College
Atwood, Erin Educational Leadership College of Education
Bates, Samantha Social Work Harris College
Bombola, Gina Music Fine Arts
Boone, Natalie BLUU N/A
Bovill, Mia Physics & Astronomy College of Science & Engineering
Bowen, Kendra Criminal Justice AddRan
Boyd, Rosangela Community Engagement N/A
Brock, Rita Brite Brite Divinity
Brown, Jean Marie Journalism Bob Schieffer College of Communication
Brunner, Hayley Library N/A
Carter, Suzanne Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Neeley
Cheek, Dennis Nursing Harris College
Colón, David English AddRan
Cox, Cathy Psychology College of Science and Engineering
Cravens, Lynné Art Galleries at TCU N/A
Crawford, Mathew Pre-Health Professions Institute College of Science and Engineering
Cray, Wesley Philosophy AddRan
Crossno, Chase MD Strategy and Communications TCU UNTHSC School of Medicine
Darda, Joseph English AddRan
Dart, Lyn Nutritional Sciences Science and Engineering
Dastgeer, Shugofa Journalism Bob Schieffer College of Communication
Dennis, Mark Religion AddRan
Dobrovolny, Hana Physics and Astronomy Science and Engineering
Dodd, Philip Leadership Center Student Development Services
Doddy, Melondy TCU College Advising Corps Education
Dominy, Stephen Fraternity and Sorority Life
Duncan, Patricia Religion AddRan
Easterbrook, Neil English AddRan
Edwards, Ashley Center for Academic Services N/A
Fletcher, Kathy Advancement AddRan
Frey, Anne English AddRan
Gafney, Wil Brite Brite
Garnett, Robert Economics AddRan
George, Ann English AddRan
Giovanis, Yvonne Wellness Center N/A
Glenn, LeAnn Economics N/A
Harris, John Philosophy AddRan
Harrison Ammie Library N/A
Hawley, Diane Nursing Harris College
Hazard, Jessica Athletics N/A
Ireland, Benjamin Modern Language Studies AddRan
Jackson, Matina Physical Plant N/A
Jenkins, Tricia FTDM Bob Schieffer College of Communication
Jian, Dan Art College of Fine Arts
Kaufman, Angela Religious and Spiritual Life N/A
Keen, Rhonda Nursing Harris College
Kimberling, Cheryl Sociology and Anthropology AddRan
Kojola, Erik Sociology & Anthropology AddRan
Lacefield, Kristen English AddRan
Lacina, Jan Education Education
Landreth Grau, Stacy Marketing Neeley
Langston, Scott Religion AddRan
Leverenz, Carrie English AddRan
Lindo, Endia Special Education College of Education
Luby, Britt Religious and Spiritual Life N/A
MacGregor, Mariam Human Resources N/A
Mallette, Colleen Music Fine Arts
McCormick, Kelly Philosophy AddRan
McGhee, Delories Library Access Services N/A
McKinney, Adam School for Classical & Contemporary Dance Fine Arts
O’Brien, Kelly Neeley Professional Development Center Neeley
O’Donald, Karla Spanish and Hispanic Studies AddRan
O’Neil, Julie School of Strategic Communication Bob Schieffer College of Communication
Peterson, Jordan Political Science AddRan
Pitt, Matthew English AddRan
Rhea, Debbie Kinesiology Harris College
Roberts, Susan Douglas Classical & Contemporary Dance College of Fine Arts
Rode, Curt English/Center for Digital Expression AddRan
Roet, Jeffrey Geography AddRan
Saffell, Mary Library N/A
Scott, Krista Theater Fine Arts
Simanek, Eric Chemistry College of Science and Engineering
Shaw, Laura Student Development Services N/A
Smith-Tran, Alicia Sociology and Anthropology AddRan
Stewart, Amy Music Fine Arts
Tait, R. Colin Film, Television and Digital Media Bob Schieffer College of Communication
Tonemah, Sarah Theater Fine Arts
Twis, Mary Social Work Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences
Waller, Mary Management Neeley
Walters, Patricia Accounting Neeley
Worthing, Peter History AddRan
Wyrick, K Library N/A
Zeller, Jessica School for Classical & Contemporary Dance Fine Arts