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WGST Committees 2019-2020

Advisory Council
Nada Elias-Lambert, Harris (elected 2017-20)
Rhiannon Mayne, Science & Engineering (elected 2019-2022)
Sarah Robbins, AddRan (appointed as a replacement for an elected term 2018-20)
Ebony Rose, SDS (appointed 2018-2021)
Claire Sanders, AddRan (elected, 2019-2022)

Curriculum Committee
Chair: Rebecca Sharpless, AddRan (appointed as a replacement for elected term 2018-2021)

Major Subcommittee:
Jessica Fripp, Fine Arts (appointed 2019-2022)
Katie Lauve-Moon, Harris (appointed 2018-2020)
Amina Zarrugh, AddRan (elected 2018-2021)
Sean McCullough, English (elected, 2019-2020, grad rep)

Attribute Subcommittee:
Melita Garza, Schieffer (appointed 2018-2020, on leave fall 2019)
Linda Hughes, AddRan (temporary appointment, fall 2019 for Melita Garza)
Mona Narain, AddRan (appointed 2019-2022)
Lisa Vanderlinden, AddRan (elected 2018-2021)
Kaylee Henderson, English (elected, 2019-2020, grad rep)

Faculty Search Committee (Appointed)
Chair: Rebecca Sharpless, AddRan
Lori Diel, Fine Arts
Debi Iba, Schieffer
Carmen Kynard, AddRan
Katie Lauve-Moon, Harris
Nino Testa, SIS

Awards Committee (appointed)

Chair: Angela Thompson, AddRan
Alicia Smith Tran, AddRan
Breinn Richter, Neeley
Dede Williams, SDS

Assessment Task Force (Appointed)
Chair: Charlotte Hogg, AddRan
Margaret Lowry, School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Fall 2019 Theme Semester Committee
Chantel Charlson, AddRan
Lynn Jackson, Harris
Mark Kamimura-Jimenez, Student Affairs
Margaret Lowry, SIS
Britt Luby, Office of Religious and Spiritual Life