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WGST Committees 2017-18

Advisory Council
Nada Elias-Lambert, Harris (elected 2017-20)
Kylo Hart, Schieffer (appointed 2017-19)
M. Francyne Huckaby, Education (elected 2018-2021)
Sarah Robbins, AddRan (appointed as a replacement for an elected term 2018-20)
Ebony Rose, SDS (appointed 2018-2021)

Curriculum Committee
Chair: Rebecca Sharpless, AddRan (appointed as a replacement for elected term 2018-2021)

Major Subcommittee:
Linda Hughes, AddRan (appointed 2018-2019)
Katie Lauve-Moon, Harris (appointed 2018-2020)
Amina Zarrugh, AddRan (elected 2018-2021)

Attribute Subcommittee:
Jessica Fripp, Fine Arts (appointed 2018-2019)
Melita Garza, Schieffer (appointed 2018-2020)
Lisa Vanderlinden, AddRan (elected 2018-2021)

Awards Committee
Chantel Carlson, AddRan (appointed)
Rima Abunasser, AddRan (volunteer)
Nina Martin, Fine Arts (volunteer)
Whitney Roach, Education (elected 2018-2019)

Assessment Committee (Appointed)
Chair: Charlotte Hogg, AddRan
Margaret Lowry, School of Interdisciplinary Studies
Ray Pfeiffer, Neely

Policies and Procedures Task Force (Appointed)
Jennifer Allie, School of Medicine
Lindsay Knight, Orientation
Steve Pryzmus, Education

Fall 2018 Theme Semester Committee
Leah Carnahan
Nada Elias-Lambert
Yvone Giovannis
Jordan Jeffreys
Lindsay Knight
Bailey Mooney
Ebony Rose
Esther Teixeira
Chelsea  Tirrell

Undergraduate Research Committee
Chair:  Margaret Lowry
Chantel Carlson

Fall 2018 Deadline for Course Submissions: 
Monday September 17, 2018
Monday, October 22, 2018
For forms and more information on the process, please consult