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50 Attend Lecture on Family Violence by Dr. Patricia Arés

A part of the Women and Gender Studies Violence Theme Semester and co-sponsored by Brite, Dr. Patricia Arés recently gave a public lecture entitled, “The Gendered Dynamics of Family Violence in Contemporary Cuba” to a crowd of 50 TCU students, faculty, and staff. Dr. Arés is a visiting professor from Havana University in Cuba and is currently teaching courses at Brite. For those who were unable to attend, here’s a look at some of the discussion: Does the understanding of violence differ from generation to generation or across socioeconomic levels in Cuba? How has the empowerment of women in Cuba affected relationships between partners? How has the historical, political, and religious climate in Cuba impacted domestic violence? Is the perceived advancement of women actually an invisible form of oppression in which women are asked to be “super human” at both work and in the home, and how can this be resolved? 
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