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WGST Spring 2021 Film Series: P.O.C. – P.O.V.

Third Film: Candyman
Wednesday, March 17, 2021
6:00 PM on ZOOM

We will WATCH the film together and then discuss it! 

In the last years, mainstream Hollywood has tried to diversify the film industry, often with mixed results. In our Spring 2021 Film Series, we put Black, Indigenous, and People of Color center stage and to listen and learn from their stories. Spanning different genres, identities, and timeframes, we explore what stories matter to people of color when they are behind the lens, the pen, and the screen. Join us for screenings throughout the semester and delve into some of the most interesting, provocative, and fun films of the last 20 years!

Who’s afraid of the Candy Man? Set in Chicago during a time of government neglect of Black neighborhoods, Candyman tells the story of an undead son of a formerly enslaved man who comes back to life. His relationship with a white woman gives viewers a bizarre tour of the harsh reality that results when stereotypes applied to Black people are believed en masse. Join Professors Colin Tait and Randa Tawil for a screening and discussion about race and gender in Hollywood horror.