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SIS has a global impact through its IEP students from Rwanda.

SIS has a global impact through its IEP students from Rwanda. Sakina Usengimana continued her activism in Spring 2019. In Washington DC, she led the international Walk to Remember, collaborating with other TCU students and with individuals studying at four other US universities. There, on April 7, they engaged in the 25th annual commemoration of the rape campaign against Tutsi women of Rwanda and the genocide against the Tutsi. The next week on the TCU campus, Usengimana helped organize the largest ever DFW Walk to Remember and Commemoration.

Peple walking fro Walk to Remember

She was joined by members of Frogs for Rwanda, including Claudine Mukanyamwasa, Patrick Rutikanga, and  Yvonne Umugwaneza, who MC’ed the program in both English and Kinyarwanda. All four TCU students have been recipients of TCU’s Carl & Teresa Wilkens Scholarship for social justice activists, survivors of the genocide improving their communication skills in the SIS Intensive English Program. Usengimana, while completing her IEP studies, wrote a book (under review by TCU Press). Mukanyamwasa, who had completed her TCU Master’s in Social Work, was a Service Coordinator at MHMR in Tarrant County.

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Rutikanga was midway through his TCU Master’s in Developmental Trauma, planning to return to Rwanda in summer to apply his knowledge to help “empty the orphanages.” Umugwaneza, who had earned her TCU Bachelor’s in Communication studies, was pursuing the TCU Master’s in Social Work. In May, they cheered on others: TCU students from Rwanda graduating and faculty and students heading to Rwanda for TCU’s first interdisciplinary course across that progressive country.