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Update: July 27, 2022
The student experience and academic progression is our highest priority, and we are dedicated to providing resources and connectivity to the TCU community. The programs and departments of SIS will now reside in four long-standing TCU colleges. Read more from Academic Affairs.

For questions, email Dr. Fran Huckaby who will support and direct students to the appropriate person for assistance.

The Center for Academic Services offers academic advising for pre-majors and first-year students.

How it Works

You’ll discuss TCU course offerings and University degree requirements with a professional adviser. Your academic adviser will assist you as you develop your academic plan and clarify your college and career goals.

First- and second-year students must meet with an adviser prior to enrolling in classes.

Visit the Center for Academic Services to get started.

If you are changing your major or minor, you must do so online through

Alpha Iota Sigma (ΑΙΣ), an international honor society for exemplary students of Interdisciplinary Studies, was founded in 2012 by the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies. To accomplish its mission—to recognize and advance the academic scholarship and achievements of interdisciplinary students—ΑΙΣ:

  • promotes the benefits of interdisciplinary work;
  • provides a forum to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration among students, faculty, and community members;
  • investigates and encourages methods of interdisciplinary learning;
  • enhances understanding and application of interdisciplinary knowledge among the general public;
  • creates a sense of community among interdisciplinary students and graduates of interdisciplinary programs.

Student members of Alpha Iota Sigma advance this mission by:

  • motivating their peers to excel in interdisciplinary scholarship;
  • fostering connections between their academic coursework and the larger community through civic engagement projects;
  • encouraging honors graduates to be leaders in addressing the complex problems of contemporary society with the highest intellectual, ethical, and moral standards.

Students eligible for ΑΙΣ membership are enrolled in a major or graduate certificate program within the School of Interdisciplinary Studies and hold a 3.3 or better GPA. Students may also hold offices in TCU’s ΑΙΣ chapter including president, vice-president, and secretary/treasurer. Dr. Huckaby is the faculty advisor for ΑΙΣ.

To join ΑΙΣ, complete the application form.

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