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Introducing a new Fall elective – Human Centered Design

Human Centered Design Course Flyer – 3 credits

As human centered design and design thinking become more and more important in the marketplace, we at IdeaFactory feel that it is a great opportunity for any TCU student to learn the framework. So this Fall, Dr. Stacy Grau will offer a three credit course, IDEA 30153: Human Centered Design open to any undergraduate of any major or classification. The course is an introduction to the tenants of human centered design (also known as design thinking). These tenants include empathetic based research, synthesis and define tools, ideation, prototype design and iteration. The course will examine several types of innovation in a variety of contexts  and students will apply creative problem  solving tools to create innovation. This is a team based, hands on approach to problem solving and critical thinking.  Students will use learn a variety of theories, frameworks and models to refine and test new ideas.

The course is limited in number and will be offered Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30-1:50. This will be a free elective for three course credits. Any questions? Email Professor Stacy Grau at