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Intro to University Life

Intro to University Life is a student success seminar for new TCU students that’s designed to give them knowledge, skills, and strategies to flourish and successfully transition into academic life at TCU.  While not required, approximately half of TCU’s incoming students choose to take this 1 credit-hour course.

Each section of the course is led by an Instructor and a student Peer Guide who facilitate engaging conversations about important topics, including:

  • purpose of college & the mission of TCU
  • goal-setting
  • time-management & stress-management
  • thinking, learning, and studying in college
  • learning in a community that values diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • attending and reflecting upon campus learning experiences
  • identifying and utilizing campus resources

Creating and learning to use a digital learning portfolio (FrogFolio) is a thread that runs through the course. FrogFolio is an online portfolio that allows students to reflect upon and represent their learning experiences to any audience they choose—including peers, faculty & staff, and prospective employers.

Mentoring is an important component of Intro to University Life.  Each student in the course has an opportunity to develop a mentoring relationship with the faculty member and a student Peer Guide, both of whom meet with the student outside of regular class time to connect, answer questions, and offer advice for flourishing in college.