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Student Resources

Several resources are available to students who would like help with brainstorming, building, and maintaining their FrogFolios.

  • Our Metafolios are your one stop resource for tutorials, walk-throughs and friendly advice.
    • Visit  The Metafolio 2.0 for help with FrogFolios created in the New Digication design suite.
    • Visit the original Metafolio for help with FrogFolios created in Classic (the old Digication design suite).
  • For inspiration or ideas for your FrogFolio, take a look at some of our featured FrogFolios.
  • Introductory video tutorials are available on our Metafolio 2.0.
  • For on-campus, in-person help, The FrogFolio Lab offers one-on-one, hands-on assistance by student mentors. The FrogFolio Lab will be open Tuesday through Friday from 10:30am-3:30pm during the Fall 2019 semester. Stop by during these hours or email us to schedule an appointment