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stephanie cuellarStephanie Cuellar is pursuing her PhD in Higher Educational Leadership at Texas Christian University. As a graduate assistant, she aims to help students reflect upon and display their skills and knowledge through the use of the FrogFolio platform. Stephanie received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Master of Arts in Clinical and Counseling Psychology from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas. She has a combined six years of professional experience in Student Affairs and Institutional Advancement. Stephanie’s personal mission is to work with diverse individuals and groups to improve their quality of life. (Visit her FrogFolio to read more)

Lab eTerns

Jacob ButtryJacob Buttry is a junior at Texas Christian University pursuing a double degree in Psychology and Theatre, with minors in Spanish and Actuarial Mathematics. Jacob originates from the safest city in the nation, Plano, TX, where he graduated from Prestonwood Christian Academy. He is an active member and sound coordinator at Antioch Community Church in Fort Worth and a member of Chancellor’s Leadership Program on campus. (Visit his FrogFolio to read more)


Alex HawesAlex Hawes is a junior Physics major from Fort Worth, TX with a double minor in Education and Mathematics. Aside from being a TCU student and FrogFolio eTern, she is a Core Leadership Team Manager at LifeWay Christian Resources and owns and manages a small photography business. Alex also volunteers at Gateway Church as a worship leader and dances with Gateway Performing Arts. She has taught part-time for the Fort Worth-based Generation Hope program. In her free time, she enjoys singing and her ukulele or hammering away at the piano. (Visit her FrogFolio to read more)


Marcy Burchill

Mary Burchill is a sophmore eTern for FrogFolio. She is a BFA Musical Theatre Major from the winter wonderland called Stillwater, Minnesota. Mary is an actress, singer, and dancer (sorta) who absolutely loves bullet journaling, calligraphy, fashion, traveling, and making dairy-free treats (woot woot for lactose intolerance). She hopes to one day move out to New York City to pursue a theatrical career. (Visit her FrogFolio to read more)