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About FrogFolio

TCU’s FrogFolio program exemplifies student-directed, learning-centered, mentor-assisted education. FrogFolio is part of TCU’s Academy of Tomorrow.

What is FrogFolio exactly? It’s more than a student’s academic diary and it’s more than simply technology.  A FrogFolio comes to life in three stages, when students:

  • Collect learning artifacts;
  • Select learning artifacts for representation; and
  • Reflect on the meaning of those artifacts and the relationships among them.

While other universities have ePortfolios, FrogFolio can be customized by students and faculty to help students focus on TCU’s mission statement by developing certain habits of mind. FrogFolio aims to help students develop knowledge and ability to act as ethical leaders, responsible citizens, and global community members who are informed by the liberal arts.