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Workforce Training

ESL for TCU Employees 
See the English classes for TCU employees in action; listen to interviews. Watch interactions with TCU Honors students.

Free courses in English as a second language for TCU employees. Those wishing to participate should contact the IEP director at or in person in Rickel 244.

Cursos gratuitos de inglés como segundo idioma para empleados de TCU. Quienes deseen participar deben comunicarse con el director del IEP en o en persona en Rickel 244.
Các khóa học miễn phí bằng tiếng Anh là ngôn ngữ thứ hai cho nhân viên TCU. Những ai muốn tham gia nên liên hệ với giám đốc của IEP tại hoặc gặp trực tiếp trong Rickel 244.
Kurse falas në gjuhën angleze si gjuhë e dytë për punonjësit e TCU. Ata që dëshirojnë të marrin pjesë duhet të kontaktojnë drejtorin e IEP në ose personalisht në Rickel 244.

دوره های رایگان انگلیسی به عنوان زبان دوم برای کارکنان TCU. کسانی که مایل به شرکت هستند باید با مدیر IEP در یا شخصا در Rickel 244 تماس بگیرند.

دورات مجانية في اللغة الإنجليزية كلغة ثانية لموظفي TCU. على الراغبين في المشاركة الاتصال بمدير IEP على أو شخصياً في Rickel 244.

On-Site Workplace or Business English
For English language instruction tailored to the needs of a particular group in the Fort Worth area, please contact us about on-site classes for your workplace or business. Former clients include Radio Shack, Chipotle, Perlos, Alcon Laboratories, Lockheed Martin, Deutsche Telekom, and France Telecom.
Cultural Immersion for Au Pairs
Au Pairs! Come and join us for three days of fun and learning in Fort Worth, Texas, a thriving center of culture and commerce, while earning 30 hours/ 3 units of continuing education credit. Learn about the culture of America through classroom instruction, discussion, projects, and field trips. Two educational field trips will be included in the program. Class time will focus on American culture through discussions, vocabulary building, and presentations. Students will also complete a journal and essay as part of the certification requirements.
The 2019 Au Pair Cultural Immersion session is June 21-23. Find more price, schedule, and registration information on the TCU Au Pair Flyer 2019. For more information, contact Barbara Alvarez at
picture of students in France
English training for Local Community Members
TCU offers English training to local residents of Fort Worth. Refugees working with local refugee agencies, or asylum seekers, or undocumented individuals are welcome. TCU encourages community members to inquire when classes are available and what the pro-rated Program tuition is per each course. (Unless admitted as a TCU student, a local community member who audits the available classes is not able to take advantage of the benefits, services, and options available only to TCU students.)

Students relaxing outside IEP building