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Application Requirements

The applicant must be:
A.  A good student (verified by secondary school or college transcripts)
B. An individual who has achieved at least an intermediate level of English language proficiency (verified by an official score report for an internationally recognized English exam such as TOEFL)
C. At least 18 years of age (verified by a government issued certificate, license, or passport)

A minimum TOEFL iBT score of 43 (or the equivalent) is required of all admitted IEP students prior to their arrival on campus. All students will be re-tested for placement when they arrive on the university campus for IEP orientation. Examples of other acceptable test scores are linked here.

To acquire an F-1 (Full-time Study) visa or the J-1 (Just-for-Exchange) visa, all citizens of nations outside the USA must show proof of financial support (per the form listed with Step 2 below).

Steps to Apply:

  1. Submit an application online
  2. Submit a form for Financial Sponsorship for the Form I-20 or the DS-2019, if the F or J visa is required. (U.S. citizens and permanent residents may skip this Step 2.)
  3. Submit a scanned copy of the following:
    A. transcripts;
    B. acceptable test score (linked here).and
    C. passport page (showing photo and birth date)
  4. Submit application fees (upon verified admissibility):
    $50 application fee
    $500 deposit (The deposit secures a spot for the admitted student in the program and allows the University Registrar’s Office to enroll the continuing student in IEP courses without delays.)
  5. $50 shipping fee (This fee is to send the I-20 to student’s home country for his or her visa interview.)


For the IEP, TCU is no longer charging the application fee. For the IEP, TCU is no longer requiring the deposit. 

Likewise, TCU is now paying the FedEx fee to ship to you your US Form I-20 for language studies.

In addition, TCU is paying your Duolingo English Test fee, if you are successfully admitted to the Intensive English Program. (TCU partners with the Duolingo English Test, accepting the test scores for admission consideration for any program, the IEP, the undergraduate degree programs, and the graduate degree programs.)


TCU now offers No Cost English Classes for Refugees. For refugees in the US, this includes no cost for tuition or for fees.

WHY THIS GOOD NEWS? We at TCU hear the bad news of the difficulties and increased costs for getting a US government visa for full time language studies. We want to help out with off-setting some of those added difficulties and increased costs just a bit. Please know that you are welcome here.

Session NameApplication Deadline (MM/DD/YY)Session Orientation and TestingSession Start DateSession End Date
Spring Semester 11/08/19 01/09/20 01/13/2005/08/20
Summer Session03/20/2005/14/2005/18/2007/10/20
Fall Semester06/19/2008/20/20 08/24/20 12/11/20

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