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Coronavirus response: TUITION FREE. NO VISA NEEDED. NO TRAVEL NECESSARY. SAFE EFFECTIVE STUDY. For the May-to-July 2020 session, the  INTENSIVE ENGLISH PROGRAM at TCU is teleclassrooming. Students and instructors will study together live via Zoom.  We are happy to announce the class of 24 students! 

For the August-to-October session and August-to-December semesters, the IEP at TCU plans to be in the classroom. We’ll be “on campus” the following ways:

  • On Campus: traditional course delivery with all students on campus.
  • Modified On Campus: all/most students attend classes on campus, but medium or large gatherings are prohibited.
  • Dual: flexibility of delivering and transitioning between both on campus and online coursework. Students attend classes on campus, but online class is also delivered to students who are not able to be on campus.
  • Online: online learning delivery if health guidance does not permit students to return to campus.(Click here to read more details on this plan to be on campus in August 2020.)

The applicant must be:
A.  A good student (verified by secondary school or college transcripts)
B. An individual who has some English language proficiency (verified by an official score report for an internationally recognized English exam such as Versant English TestTOEFLDuolingo English TestEnglish3 Proficiency Test, or IELTS).
C. At least 18 years of age (verified by a government issued certificate, license, or passport)

Location no longer matters! Students do not need a Visa! Teleclassroom with us!

Or to acquire a visa, either an F-1 (Full-time Study) visa or the J-1 (Just-for-Exchange) visa; all citizens of nations outside the USA must show proof of financial support (per the form listed with Step 3 below).

Steps to Apply:

  1. For everyone, please submit an application online
  2. For everyone, please submit a scanned copy of the following:
    A. transcript;
    B. English test score report; and
    C. passport page (showing photo and birth date).
  3. For those who need an F1 or J1 visa only, please submit a form for Financial Sponsorship for the Form I-20 or the DS-2019, if the F or J visa is required. (Teleclassroomers outside the United States, U.S. citizens and permanent residents – and asylum seekers or refugees working with a local resettlement agency – may skip this Step 2.)


Special offer for the May – July 2020 session:
NO TUITION FEE for the 2-month 160-classroom-hour program!
• Live classes – students choose where to study: either in the classroom or by teleclassrooming!

o Students here in the USA may join the instructor in the classroom!
(F1 “full time study” visa students in the USA are fully supported!)

o Students anywhere may join the same classroom using any smart device
(phone, tablet, or computer)

• Textbooks with videos – students choose either paper textbooks or ebook versions!
• 1 instructor for every 6 students in each class!
• Only 24 students total!

For the IEP, TCU is no longer charging the $50 application fee. 

In addition, TCU is paying your English test registration fee if you are successfully admitted to and enroll in the Intensive English Program. (TCU accepts these tests:  TOEFL, IELTS, Pearson Academic PTE, the Duolingo English Test, the English3 Proficiency Test, and administered on the TCU campus the Versant English Test plus the Versant Writing Test or the Cambridge MLA EPT plus ETS Test of Written English .)

Likewise, TCU is now paying the FedEx fee to ship to you your US Form I-20 for language studies.


TCU now offers No Cost English Classes for Refugees and Asylum Seekers. For refugees and asylum seekers in the US, this includes no cost for tuition or for fees.

WHY THIS GOOD NEWS? We at TCU hear the bad news of the difficulties and increased costs for getting a US government visa for full time language studies. We want to help out with off-setting some of those added difficulties and increased costs just a bit. Please know that you are welcome here.

Session NameApplication Deadline (MM/DD/YY)Session Orientation and TestingSession Start DateSession End Date
Fall 14-week semester06/19/2008/13/20 08/17/20 11/24/20
Fall I 8-week session06/19/2008/13/20 08/17/20 10/02/20
Fall II 8-week session08/17/20 10/01/2010/15/2011/24/20
Spring 16-week semester10/12/2001/07/2101/11/2105/07/21
Spring I 8-week session10/12/2001/07/21 01/11/2103/05/21
Spring II 8-week session01/11/2103/11/2103/15/2105/07/21
Summer 8-week session03/11/2105/13/2105/17/2107/09/21