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ESOL Courses

English for Speakers of Other Languages

Courses in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) offer elective credits for international students and domestic students whose first language is other than English. These courses are designed to provide additional help in composition, reading, and general study skills development.
Placement in these courses is based on the results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) section scores; the test of Written English (TWE); and/or other standardized English proficiency exams, which are given to new students during their orientation. Students required to take any ESOL course(s) must successfully complete the course(s) before they will be allowed to continue their academic program.
Elective credit for ESOL courses is granted only for a grade of “C” or better. Students who make a “D” will receive a grade of “NC” (no-credit) and must repeat the course. A student who receives an “F” must also repeat the course if eligible to enroll. The Pass no-credit grading option is not permitted for ESOL courses.
Foreign Language Requirement
Students may demonstrate competency in a language other than English by meeting the TCU non-English language undergraduate requirement (and earn credit for this requirement) in a variety of ways. First, the student may meet the requirements by successful completion of coursework at TCU or by approved transfer credit from another institution,  as specified in each academic major and receive the number of credit hours earned in those courses. Additionally, a student may provide evidence of competency in the non-English language by:

  • Scores on standardized tests approved by the University, for which the student will receive 3 to 12 hours of credit depending on the examination score;
  • Successful completion of one academic year in a secondary or post-secondary institution in which the language of instruction is other than English, for which the student will receive 12 hours of credit.


ESOL 10003Reading/Study Skills3
ESOL 10103Intermediate Composition Skills3
ESOL 10113Advanced Composition Skills3