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Student Profiles

Sonia GracianoSonia Graciano
Hometown: Arlington, Texas
Personal statement: I’m a TCU Community Scholar, a senior Psychology student with a minor in Film, Television, and Digital media (FTDM). I love to watch movies and learn new things!
Favorite course: TESOL for the Teacher Scholar (TESL 20003)
Languages: Spanish, English



Christelle KirumugaboChristelle Kirumugabo
Hometown: Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC
Personal statement:I come from a family of eight children, three boys and five girls, me being the third born and the second girl in the family. Being born in this big family has always brought joy in my life and helps me to be  more connected to people and be open to learn about their cultures. I like listening to music, dancing, and teasing my friends.
Favorite course: All ESOL classes (ESOL 10103 Composition Skills, ESOL 10003 Reading & Study Skills)
Languages: Kikongo, French, English

Frank Karoli BalagajuFrank Karoli Balagaju
Hometown: Morogoro, Tanzania
Personal statement: My father and mother divorced when I was a little child, so that reason I didn’t get enough time to stay with my father and mother, I stayed with my other relatives and friends. I like to live with my friends and help the vulnerable. I don’t like separation of families.
Favorite course: IEP Listening and Speaking
Languages: Swahili, English

Randi Proffitt LeyvaRandi Proffitt Leyva
Hometown: Mena, Arkansas
Personal statement: I am a professor in the John V. Roach Honors college and director of Honors Explorations: Centro Fox-Gto experiential learning initiative. I am bilingual in Spanish after spending a year living abroad in Spain, then using my language skills professionally working in Fort Worth, Texas before graduate school. I enjoy traveling, gardening, and taking my dogs for walks when the weather is cool.
Favorite course: TESOL Practicum (TESL 40003)
Languages: Spanish, English


Duong Nguyen Ngoc MinhDuong Nguyen Ngoc Minh
Hometown: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Personal statement:I love to travel around the world to explore the new places, new culture, and new food. I am the only child in my family. I love practicing English to gain more knowledge and make new friends.
Favorite course: IEP Speaking and Writing
Languages: Vietnamese, Korean, English



Sonoka NishiguahchiSonoka Nishiguahchi
Hometown: Hiroshima, Japan
Personal statement:I love going to watch plays especially musical theater. I have an older brother. He doesn’t like to go with me.
Favorite course: IEP Reading and Study Skills
Languages: Japanese, English




Susanna "Susie" Olmos-SotoSusanna “Susie” Olmos-Soto
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
Personal statement: I’m a life-long learner and advocate of education for all ages. I’m a first-generation college student with a profound love for Mariachi music, so much that my family established Mariachi Olmos while I was in middle school. I’m one of the original JP Elder MS and North Side HS mariachi students. My work continues serving the neighborhood where I grew up by educating families about the importance of the arts and education.
I’m a proud mom of two very smart Horned Frogs! I dislike the media portraying the northside community as only being violent and full of gangs –so not true.
Favorite course: TESOL for the Teacher Scholar (TESL 20003)
Languages: Spanish, English