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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff members are full-time employees of TCU in the IEP.  With terminal, advanced degrees in TESL/TEFL and prior ESL/EFL teaching experience, they are eager to help students succeed.

Faculty and Staff with certificates of completion


Barbara Alvarez, Faculty

Barbara Alvarez, Faculty
M.B.A., Texas Christian University
M.A., Arts and Education, University of Alabama, Birmingham
B.S., Medical Technology, Baptist Medical Center, Birmingham, Alabama
B.S., Biology, Carson Newman College
TESOL Certificate, University of Texas at Arlington

Barbara first taught English as a second language at TCU in 2001.  She is a learner of Spanish who has spent time studying in Ecuador.  She teaches in the Intensive English Program, and she is also an ENFL Adjunct Faculty Member.
Office: Rickel 244  Phone: 817-257-6591 Email:

Shannon Burnham, Faculty

Shannon Burnham, Faculty
B.S. Biblical Literature with Minor in Cross-cultural Communication, Dallas Christian College
Certification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Lincoln Seminary

Shannon first taught ESL for TCU in the Spring of 2010. She learned Koine Greek and French as an undergraduate student and studied Farsi for professional purposes. Shannon has lived and worked in India, Cyprus, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, and the USA (in the states of Illinois and Texas).
Office: Rickel 244 Phone: 817-257-6066 Email:

Dustin Dirickson, Faculty

Dustin Dirickson, Faculty
M.Ed., Bilingual/TESL Multicultural Education, University of Central Oklahoma
B.A.Ed., Fine Arts Education, Southwestern Oklahoma State University
After receiving his degrees, Dustin spent a decade living and working in Japan. He began teaching in the IEP at TCU in January 2012. He speaks Japanese and French. He is completing an M.S. in Information Science at UNT.  He teaches in the Intensive English Program, and he is also an ENFL Adjunct Faculty Member.
Office: Rickel 244 Phone: 817-257-4069 Email:

Jana Nolan, Faculty

Jana Nolan, Faculty
M.Ed. Secondary English Education, Texas Christian University
B.A. English and Psychology, Texas Christian University

Jana started teaching in the IEP at TCU in 2007.  She has also taught in four other university-level ESL programs (Moldova, Virginia, North Carolina, and Texas).  She learned Spanish while a student at TCU, Romanian while working in Moldova, and studied in England and South Africa as well.
Office: Rickel 244  Phone: 817-257-5515 Email:



Kurk Gayle, Director

Kurk Gayle, Director
Ph.D. English, Texas Christian University
M.A. Linguistics, University of Texas at Arlington
B.A. Foreign Service, Baylor University

Kurk came to TCU in 1995 to serve as the director of the ESL learning programs.  He grew up speaking English and Vietnamese in Vietnam; he’s also studied Indonesian in Indonesia; as a university student he has had formal education of Japanese, Greek, Cherokee, Hebrew; and as a lifelong learner he has worked with teachers of Comanche and of Spanish to learn even more.
Office: Rickel 244 Phone: 817-257-6565 Email: