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Level Placement and Progression

During the days of orientation and registration, students are tested in writing, grammar, reading, vocabulary, and listening for placement into their core courses according to their individual levels of proficiency. Each student has four core courses each session, with every core course meeting each week.

Students are placed into the Intermediate, Advanced, or University Preparation levels in Reading/Vocabulary, Listening/Speaking, Grammar, and Writing. It is possible for students to be placed into different levels for different skills and to progress to the next level at a different rate in different courses.

Each of these courses runs every 16-week semester and the 12-week summer. In each course, the student is required to show mastery of the class and level by earning a final average of 80% in the session.Completion of the Intensive English Program meets the language requirements for admission to the undergraduate degree program at TCU and to most graduate programs on campus.

Download English Test Score Admission Standards