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About the IEP and the TESOL Certificate

The Intensive English Program (IEP) and the TESOL Certificate (TEC) are integral parts of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS) at Texas Christian University (TCU).


The mission of TCU is to educate individuals to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community.

The mission of SIS is to empower change through multiple perspectives, academic disciplines, and methods of inquiry.

The mission of the IEP at TCU is to equip individuals to communicate thoughtfully and actively in English.

The mission of the TESOL Certificate is to equip TCU students to be interdisciplinary scholars who can teach English to speakers of other languages.

The vision of TCU is to be a world-class, values-centered university. 

The vision of SIS is to center big and wicked questions by connecting experts, ideas and communities on campus, in Fort Worth, and beyond to promote empathy, respect, and justice.

The vision of the IEP is to enrich the TCU interdisciplinary and academic communities by including the diverse group of individuals rapidly adding English to their linguistic repertoire.

The vision of the TESOL Certificate is to enable this world-class university to meet the nearby-community and world-wide demands for high-quality teaching of English.

Diversity Statement

We in the TESOL Certificate and in the IEP at TCU are committed to diversity that recognizes language(s) as a self-identity of individuals and their communities, an identity intersecting with and inseparable from other identities of race, sex, class and so forth. The program calls for and works for equity on behalf of students, staff, and faculty who are disadvantaged by non-normative characterizations, especially by their so-called “non-native” English speaker status. We believe the inclusion of emerging bilinguals using their full linguistic repertoire on our campus and in the surrounding communities is deeply important for all.

About the IEP

The aim of the IEP at TCU is to help students advance rapidly toward their academic, professional or personal English language goals. Advanced-level IEP students may enroll in TCU courses for degree credit while in the noncredit, certificate program. Furthermore, an IEP student, upon admission and matriculation to the TCU undergraduate degree program, will receive 3 hours of undergraduate degree credit for each 1 semester of IEP completed with a grade of at least B. For completion of the Advanced level classes with a minimum grade of B, moreover, the student may satisfy 6 hours of TCU Core Curriculum credits in Essential Competencies. (Undergraduate degree program candidates should visit the TCU Admission page at Successful completion of the Advanced-level IEP allows applicants to the undergraduate program to waive the TOEFL admission requirement.)

An IEP student begins at his/her own level and studies intensively at least 20 hours each week. This assumes that the individual starting into the IEP is indeed already a good “student” and that her or his “level” starts with some prior work in and study of the English language. Moreover, the program classes of instruction are limited intentionally to 18 “clock hours” weekly to allow for the students to spend at least 2 additional hours outside of classes studying. Outside of class, IEP students work in a computer learning lab, take standardized English exams, and meet one-to-one with conversation partners (native English speaking TCU students, staff or faculty members who speak with the IEP students in English and sometimes in another language known by the IEP student and being studied by the partner). Classes are organized into teams of 15 or fewer students. The average class size is 12 students.

The IEP sessions begin in January and August for sixteen week semesters and in May for an eight-week half semester.  For more information about applying to the IEP, please click on the admissions tab.

About the TESOL Certificate

A Certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is available on any bachelor’s degree at TCU. The certificate recognizes a TCU student’s study of interdisciplinary fields of TESOL, engagement with others different from the student, and experience both learning a second language and teaching English.

For TCU undergraduates, graduate students, and for TCU employees, the TESOL Certificate is interdisciplinary and far exceeds the high standards of international TESOL for such a Certificate.

To enroll in the TESOL Certificate, go here!

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