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English for Multilingual Students, Teachers & Workforce

Coronavirus response: TUITION FREE. NO VISA NEEDED. NO TRAVEL NECESSARY. SAFE EFFECTIVE STUDY. For the May-to-July 2020 session, the  INTENSIVE ENGLISH PROGRAM at TCU is teleclassrooming. Students and instructors will study together live via Zoom. Please apply soon. Only 24 students total will be admitted.

English for Multilingual Students, Teachers, & Workforce. TCU encourages the student, the teacher scholar, and the person otherwise in the workforce to deploy their full linguistic repertoire and empowers them to be skillful mediators of the one language named “English.”

TESOL Certificate

The TESOL Certificate credentials TCU students, staff, and faculty as interdisciplinary scholars and emerging bilinguals who teach English to speakers of other languages.

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Intensive English Program

TCU students in the Intensive English Program focus full time on including the language in their full linguistic repertoire, in some cases earning credits towards the TCU degree program.

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In the Global Community: 1st-Yr Comp

Students enrolled in the "In the Global Community" section of First-Year Composition, Writing as Inquiry are from various nations, including the United States.

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Academic Training

For MBA Program students and undergraduates; for UNTHSC faculty members and post docs; and for teachers and ESL specialists in FWISD.

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Workforce Training

For TCU employees; for au pairs; for asylum seekers; for refugees; for undocumented individuals.

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News on English for Multilinguals

Boschini questions English-only alert system / preguntas Boschini Inglés-único sistema de alerta / Boschini không thích hệ thống cảnh báo “chỉ tiếng Anh”
Chancellor Victor Boschini has asked his staff to review why TCU’s alert system continues to be in English only. Concerns about the system’s verb...
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Peple walking fro Walk to Remember
SIS has a global impact through its IEP students from Rwanda.
SIS has a global impact through its IEP students from Rwanda. Sakina Usengimana continued her activism in Spring 2019. In Washington DC, she led the i...
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