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Sponsors of the Pangea Mat & Cutter

The Pangea Mat & Cutter grew from a special topics course facilitated by Dr. Simanek in the Fall Spring of 2011. Participants included TCU undergraduates (Zach Abid, Nick Bigham, Kevin Chatley, Sandi Dang, Abby Moore, Katelyn Poole, Thomas Purgett, and Erika Zimmermann), TCU faculty (Dr. Ray Smilor, Brad Hancock and Dr. Susan Kleiser of Neeley; Drs. Art Busbey, Richard Hanson, and Nowell Donovan of CS&E) and outside consultants (Brad Ball and Katy Garrison of Ardent Creative; Dr. Raul Fernandez of TMAC; Luke DiOrio of TriMonte, LLC; and Becky Morton, Scott Stepter, and Patty Manning of Fort Worth Independent School District).
Over the course of a semester, a prototype was developed and tested. QR codes and cyberinfrastructure links were added later through collaboration with XVIVO, Inc.   Additional TCU faculty (Drs. Molly Weinburgh, Judy Groulx, and Sherrie Reynolds), and outside consultants (Dr. Bruce Herbert, TAMU) contributed before manufacturing of 10,000 cutters and 90,000 mats was undertaken
The Pangea product has no official sponsor but the following individuals, entities, and groups are gratefully acknowledged.

[column-group] [column]Learning-to-Change-the-World[/column] [column]The-Welch-Foundation[/column] [column]The-National-Science-Foundation[/column] [/column-group] [column-group][column]Much of the costs associated with advancing the Pangea mat and cutter have come from TCU start-up funds associated with the hiring of Dr. Simanek to TCU in Fall 2010.[/column][column]Dr. Eric Simanek is the Robert A. Welch Professor of Chemistry at TCU. This chair position provides Dr. Simanek time to pursue IdeaFactory initiatives.[/column][column]The National Science Foundation provided Dr. Simanek with funds to advance education initiatives that are ultimately realized in the Pangea Mat & Cutter.[/column] [/column-group]

The Pangea Mat & Cutter has been commercially available through the TCU IdeaFactory (since 2012) and Carolina Scientific (since 2013).