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Megan Lee, a TCU entrepreneurial management major from the class of 2015, came up with the concept behind GifDouble with the purpose of improving the lives of those less fortunate around the world. She accomplished this through her ecommerce platform which featured vendors that followed the TOMS “one-for-one” business model. With every purchase, vendors would donate a product to someone less fortunate, or donate a portion of their proceeds to charity. Part of her inspiration came when she stumbled upon a company, “Love Your Melon,” which donates simple knit hats and baseball caps to children going through chemotherapy for every product sold.
“I believe we can all say we have bought or worn a hat in the past year, but did the hat benefit anyone other than you? After ordering my bright pink Love Your Melon hat, I started to think, what if I could buy all of my gifts for others from a similar source?”
GifDouble empowers its customers to help others in need via their purchasing decisions. By offering a variety of gifts that come with a deeper meaning, Megan was able to offer a strong value proposition to her customers while making a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate.