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Pangea Mat & Cutter

Have you ever noticed that the continents seem to fit together like a puzzle? This data and more led to the theory of plate tectonics. Let’s build a clay model, and then expand it to explain how earthquakes, volcanoes, rock formations, and magnetism all fit together.

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Dance of the Continents

Science is people, ideas, models and data that come together to tell a rich story filled with creativity, tragedy, perseverance, levity, and triumph. Let’s see how the story of plate tectonics embodies these elements with an original Broadway-style show from the TCU IdeaFactory inspired by the Pangea Mat & Cutter.

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Plate Detective

“Plate Detective” is a tool that enables students to compile scientific data from sea floor topography, volcano distributions, earthquake distributions, sea floor age, and magnetic patterns to create a model of plate boundaries.

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GifDouble, is an ecommerce platform that hosts vendors that follow the TOMS “one-for-one” business model. With every purchase, vendors donate a product to someone less fortunate, or donate a portion of their proceeds to charity. GifDouble empowers its customers to help others in need via their purchasing decisions.

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