TCU Undergraduate IdeaFactory Fellows:  42
TCU Mentors: 15
TCU IdeaFactory courses:  9
Products Pursued:  9
Products Commercialized:  2

IdeaFactory Fellows derive from all colleges:
Neeley College of Business = 3
Bob Schieffer College of Communications = 5
College of Education = 2
College of Fine Arts = 9
AdRan College of Liberal Arts = 6
College of Science & Engineering = 18.

More than one dozen faculty and staff have served as IdeaFactory mentors for teams of fellows since 2011.  Faculty and staff have reported on their experiences with IdeaFactory in national  conferences including the Geological Society of America (2012) and the Oak Ridge Associated Universities Workshop (2011).

Teams (with descriptive names) include:

Pangea Mat & Cutter – the inspiration for IdeaFactory comprising chemists who advanced earth science education
Carbon Cycle – chemistry students interested in environmental science
Model of the Atom – engineering students interested in chemistry
Dance Cube – dance/communication students interested in scientific vocabulary
Dance of the Continents I – dance and science students interested in earth science
Dance of the Continents II – a new cohort that advanced the production to a second cohort
C2C (Classroom to College) – a mentor group with diverse majors built from the TRIO program with the goal encouraging the pursuit of college
Oral Health I – a nursing student interested in improving community health
Oral Health II – extending the effort to a tangible tool

Three tools are currently available for nationwide adoption:

Pangea Mat & Cutter – to teach the theory of plate tectonics

Plate Detective – to enable students to rediscover the theory with large data sets

Dance of the Continents – to blend the arts and sciences in conveying the nature of science

IdeaFactory inspired the creation of the student organization, App Club, with official recognition in January 2014.