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Our Framework

The methodology we use at IdeaFactory is founded on design thinking and human centered design. Regardless of the idea, we believe it is important to understand the problem the idea is trying to solve and for whom it is solving for. As such, we use a human centered design framework to coach students through the four phases:




  • The first phase of the framework, discover, is all about learning about the problem and the people that problem affects. The goal is to understand the primary stakeholders involved, and use qualitative and in some cases, quantitative research methods to conduct a deep dive.

The second phase of the framework, define, is about making sense of the information and insights learned through discover. The goal is to use a variety of tools to help craft a deep understanding of users, the problem and key insights.

The third phase of the framework, develop, is about ideation. In this workshop, students will learn a variety of tools and techniques to brainstorm ideas and choose the best ones.

The last phase of the framework, deliver, is about prototyping solutions to the problem and getting feedback on it. This also covers the “what’s next” phase of the plan.

We offer a variety of ways to work with us. Each semester we hold workshops for students interested in learning about human centered design. We also partner with CREATE in the Neeley Institute of Entrepreneurship & Innovation to help students hone their ideas before they pitch and after they have been awarded funding. We also work with students who have a passion project and want an outlet and support to make their idea a reality.


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