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Student Mentors & Fellows

IdeaFactory works because TCU faculty and staff are committed to the undergraduate experience. The IdeaFactory gratefully acknowledges the following individuals who have mentored IdeaFactory fellows or otherwise contributed to the success of these efforts.

The College of Science and Engineering

The Department of Chemistry

Kayla Green | Carbon cycle

Eric Simanek | All


Ben Janesko | Model of the Atom
The Department of Geology, Energy and the Environment
Art Busbey | Pangea Mat & Cutter; Dance of the Continents; Plate Detective
Helge Alsleben | Pangea Mat & Cutter; Dance of the Continents; Plate Detective
Richard Hanson Pangea Mat & Cutter; Plate Detective
The Department of Nutrition
Gina Hill | iAdvocate
The Department of Physics and Astronomy
Doug Ingram | Dance Cube
The Department of Engineering:
Tristan Tayag| Model of the Atom

The Neeley School of Business

The Neeley Entrepreneurship Center
Brad Hancock | Multiple
The Neeley Entrepreneurship Center
Ann McDonald | Multiple
Ray Smilor | Multiple

The School of Fine Arts / School for Classical & Contemporary Dance

Nina Martin | Dance of the Continents
Roma Flowers| Dance of the Continents

The Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Suzy Lockwood| iAdvocate

The College of Education

Molly Weinburgh | Multiple

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