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IdeaFactory operates very nimbly with one full time staff member, a part time director and student assistance. To make a larger impact at TCU and the greater community we could use your support. We hope you see value in our work! There are specific opportunities to support the following:

Expand Life Design. Help us scale our work to reach more TCU students by providing support for more course sections and more workshops. We also have plans to work with specific student populations such as transfer students, student athletes, first generation students, and veterans.

Expand The Social Impact Design Challenge. We have an internal competition that provides seed funding for student ideas aimed at serving the UN SDG goals (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030). This is a small annual event that has plenty of opportunity for growth.

Launch The Social Impact Project. We are designing a pilot to help undergraduate and graduate students to create a nonprofit organization or social enterprise or to scale a nonprofit program. Workshops starts in Spring 2022. We would like to have seed funding for student teams as well as mentors for each team to get them started.

Expand Courses. We are developing more opportunities for students to take courses at IdeaFactory. These courses are intentionally open to any student, from any major and any level.

Expand Research and Creative Activities. One of our goals is to create and engage working groups of faculty and students to generate new knowledge in human centered design. Stipends and research grants are needed to launch and scale this work.

Consider adding TCU IdeaFactory to your annual gift.

For more information, please contact Stacy Grau –