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The TCU IdeaFactory is a unit of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies dedicated to supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of TCU students, staff and faculty by providing an environment and resources where an idea can be advanced to a prototype, and potentially, beyond.

To provide the TCU community with unique experiences in advancing ideas, creativity and leadership.
To become an esteemed interdisciplinary space that will make a positive impact in our local communities and worldwide.
Provide an innovation space and resources for the TCU community to cultivate ideas into reality.
Optimistic Spirit
Enthusiasm for creative design
Desire to Empathize
Great work ethic

Students who engage IdeaFactory are supported as their idea takes form in an interdisciplinary environment: content area, intellectual property, graphic design, web/app programming, preliminary market analysis, manufacturing, and testing.
Most ideas take the form of a tool that can impact education or community health.
Impetus for formalization of the IdeaFactory can be traced to many sources including:

  • The creation of the Pangea Mat & Cutter that arose through cross-college collaborations of students, staff and faculty
  • The chance introduction of Dr. Simanek and Mr. James, the team that provides the nucleus for these efforts
  • The original creative work “Dance of the Continents” developed through similar efforts
  • The highly successful senior design program wherein engineering students solve problems brought to them by industries including aerospace, aviation, and energy
  • The collaborative environment fostered across colleges and units at TCU by the Neeley Entrepreneurship Center and their Values & Ventures Competition
  • The longstanding commitment to the community by TCU and its programmatic efforts including the Andrews Institute of Math and Science

Dr. Eric Simanek, a professor of chemistry was appointed the first director of the program by Dean Demitris Kouris. With the support of Dean Phil Hartman, IdeaFactory has secured space in the new Rees-Jones Hall, a state-of-the-art instructional building opening in 2014.