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IdeaFactory Welcomes Students Back to Campus

IdeaFactory is happy to welcome back TCU students, faculty and staff to campus this Fall 2021. This semester, we are excited to launch the Human Centered Design Academy, which are workshops for students (and faculty/staff).

Want to know about human centered design? Check out our HCD 101 workshops offered at least once a month. In this one hour workshop, you can get a taste of human centered design.

Want to use it for a project? Check out a few consulting times or email us at to set up an appointment for you and your team.

Are you a first year student? There are so many great things about TCU and we have a great workshop that helps you make smart decisions. Check out Design your Horned Frog Experience workshops! These are coached by upper class students who are well versed in life design and human centered design. Short, sweet and to the point!

If you have an idea, come and see us! We will coach you through your ideas using human centered design frameworks and then provide resources and connections for your to build on your ideas.

What is IdeaFactory?

IdeaFactory is an Institute located in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies dedicated to supporting the innovative and creative spirit of Texas Christian University. Our vision is to be a hub – for students, for faculty and for staff – in the area of interdisciplinary human centered innovation at TCU. We put humans at the center of our innovation work.

Want more information? Email us at