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IdeaFactory Students Win Internal Vales & Ventures Business Plan Competition

Several teams competed this year for the opportunity to represent TCU in the Values & Ventures Business Plan Competition this April and there were some great ideas. We are proud to say that the top 3 finishing teams were involved with the TCU IdeaFactory!

Tori Brennan (Child development & Psychology sophomore) and Chris Waldo (Finance & entrepreneurial management senior) shared the story behind the Lycra Climbing Structure – an innovative type of playground equipment designed to help special needs children to ease their symptoms. Tori’s product also helps children to improve their gross motor skills and sensory integration. Thanks to support from the IdeaFactory, Tori and Waldo will be representing TCU in the Values & Ventures competition in April!

two students giving a presentation

In order from left to right, Meg Stillini (Entrepreneurial management senior), Katy O’Brien (Entrepreneurial management senior) and Nick Carpenter (Entrepreneurial management & energy minor senior) represented Tango Brain, an idea that featured an inexpensive Stanford technology which diagnoses epileptic seizures with 92% accuracy. Not all seizures are easily detectable, but Tango Brain is working to improve the process of diagnosis so that victims will seek treatment faster to reduce brain damage. Traditional diagnostic tests involve large hospital equipment, but Tango Brain provides a portable solution for EMT’s and private neurologists to use with suspected seizure victims. The IdeaFactory was able to help Tango Brain with prototyping their minimum viable product.

Computer science senior Aakash Tyagi (right) and political science junior Yannick Tona (left) worked with the TCU IdeaFactory to develop a web application that allows students to plan their own trips and join existing trips with other students through the traveling platform, planIt. Through their website, any user can submit new ideas for trips that span from local getaways to spring break vacations. All users have to register with their .edu email address and planIt’s web application simplifies the process of sharing travel expenses and transportation. You can learn more about their idea by clicking here or by going to their website,