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Undergraduate Resources

As a TCU and CRES undergraduate student you have access to various resources to help guide you through your academic program. Explore these resources to aid in your progress, find financial support, and to learn ways to fully engage with CRES.

First- and second-year students must meet with an adviser prior to enrolling in classes. Academic services staff member Ashley Edwards can provide detailed information about CRES and our housed and affiliated minors. CRES students beyond their freshmen should seek advising from the CRES Associate Director prior to registration.

Visit the Center for Academic Services to get started.

If you are changing your major or minor, you must do so online through

CRES Advising Worksheet

School of Interdisciplinary Studies Forms

Phillips Fund for Native American Research

The Phillips Fund of the American Philosophical Society provides grants for research in Native American linguistics, ethnohistory, and the history of studies of Native Americans, in the continental United States and Canada.

HACU National Internship Program – Corporate Component

The HACU National Internship Program – Corporate Component, partners with some of the leading corporations in the nation to assist them in attracting and hiring the best talent from HACU member colleges and universities.

Righteous Persons Foundation Grant

  • Foster Jewish arts, culture, and identity
    • To revitalize and illuminate Jewish identity today, RPF invests in projects that make the old new.
    • That means digging into Judaism’s rich and varied history to expand and enrich the content being transmitted.
  • Inspire a commitment to social justice
    • To advance justice in America, RPF looks to help enable Jews to draw upon our deep commitment to activism and mobilize a “Jewish presence” on the key social and economic issues of our time.
  • Promote understanding between Jews and those of other faiths and backgrounds
    • To ensure a more tolerant society, RPF supports those working as change-agents to promote tolerance through a broad range of methods.
  • Invest in the next generation
    • To engage the next generation on issues of Jewish identity, community, and meaning, RPF is interested in new pathways that bet on emerging, authentic, grassroots models; leverage new technologies; and invest in future leaders.

United Negro College Fund (UNCF)

UNCF is the nation’s largest private scholarship provider to minority group members. Each year, we award more than $100 million in scholarships to more than 10,000 students at more than 1,100 schools across the country, including our prestigious network of 37 HBCUs.

Mexican American College Education Fund (MACE)

Our objective is to provide scholarships to students who wish to obtain a college education and who personify strong academic and leadership qualities.

Immigrant Rising: Transforming Lives Through Higher Education

Immigrants Rising empowers undocumented young people to achieve educational and career goals through personal, institutional and policy transformation.

National Science Foundation Grants for Undergraduate Students

These programs provide either direct (i.e., from NSF) or indirect (i.e., from an awardee institution) funding for students at the graduate level or identify programs that focus on educational developments for graduate students such as curricula development, training or retention.