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Graduate Student Research Award

The CRES Graduate Student Research Award is an award, sponsored by the CRES Research, Creative Activity and Community Engagement (RCCE) Committee, given to a graduate student engaged in research that best exemplifies the CRES Department mission:

Comparative race and ethnic studies critically examines racial and ethnic identities as an essential step in becoming ethical citizens and leaders in today’s global community. It is an academic and community-oriented program that values respect, inclusiveness, creative expression, dialogue, engagement, inquiry and academic excellence.

Application Instructions:

Complete the application form below. Be sure to upload a copy of your CV and your application narrative.

Your supervising/supporting faculty member must also email confirming their support for this project by the application deadline.

Application deadline is March 31, 2019.

Questions? Contact CRES at for more info.

Application Narrative Instructions

In no more than two pages in Times New Roman or Arial (font 12) double-spaced, address the following questions:

  1. Describe the content of your research: what inquiry question(s) are you addressing and what will this work contribute to CRES-associated knowledge-building?
  2. What methods will you be using to carry out your research? How are these methods in line with a CRES-oriented commitment to ethical and informed research practices?
  3. Why/how will research funding from CRES be necessary for, or enhance, your work?
  4. In what ways, if any, have you been involved in CRES work in the past and/or can you commit to being involved in the future (e.g., by sharing your research with a CRES audience or audiences)?
Graduate Student Research Support Award

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