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Graduate Certificate Attribute Course Submission Form

Courses approved by the Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies program offer students an opportunity to study race and ethnicity in varied associate disciplines. Students take courses that focus on different racial and ethnic groups, in the United States and abroad and consider the larger context surrounding race and ethnicity.

CRES Graduate Learning Outcomes
Required Outcome:
1. Students will learn to critically and comparatively analyze the constructions of race
and ethnicity and their effects on global society at the graduate level.
You May Select Up to Two Additional Outcomes:
2. Students will learn and use the major theoretical and methodological frameworks of race and
ethnic studies, such as critical race theory, for conducting scholarship in their respective
3. Students will develop cultural competency in initiating and engaging in informed dialogues about race and ethnicity within the classroom and beyond.
4. Students will learn about and evaluate career opportunities available to students who have an accredited Graduate Certificate in race and ethnic studies.
Supplemental Concentrations Learning Outcome:
5. Students will develop further in-depth competency in researching and/or teaching race and ethnic studies in their respective disciplinary course of study.
CRES: Graduate Attribute Course Submission Form
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