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DEI Initiative Update from CRES Minor Hope Bentley

For over a year now, TCU faculty, staff and students have been working on a proposal for a change to the Core Curriculum: a requirement that all students must take a class about an aspect of diversity, equity and inclusion. The need was recognized by professors and students who believe this is necessary to TCU’s mission statement. This requirement would be an overlay so it would not add any additional hours to a degree plan, and hopefully could be taken in or out of a student’s major. Dr. Sanders and Dr. Balizet are leading this effort, which is a collaboration between the DEI Committee and the Academic Excellence Committee of Faculty Senate. Many students are excited about this proposal and have been working together with faculty. SGA passed a resolution to support this proposal last fall, and the Justice Coalition organized #DearTCU so students could share their stories. The next step is a Campus Conversation (click link for details) on January 29th, for anyone on campus to discuss the proposal and ask questions. In order for this change to be made to the core curriculum, the faculty must vote to change it through Faculty Senate, then Faculty Assembly. There is hope that this will be passed this Spring, and be implemented in a year.

Hope Bentley
Texas Christian University 2019
John V. Roach Honors College