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Graduate Courses

The CRES Graduate Certificate requires two CRES-prefixed courses, one introductory course, and a one hour course to complete your portfolio at the end of your program. The other six hours of electives consist of CRES-prefixed and CRES-approved courses from your discipline. See the currently approved elective courses below and continue to visit this page to view courses as they are added.

CRES 60003 — Graduate Intro Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies
Required for CRES Graduate Certificate
Prerequisites: Admission to the CRES Graduate Certificate
Description: This course aims to give students a broad, general understanding of the multifaceted field that has come to be known as Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies in the United States. Critical Race Theory serves as a central theoretical framework for students to understand the concepts of race and ethnicity, their intersections with other concepts such as gender, and their manifestations in society. The course traces the historical trajectory of the field from its founding to the current manifestations.

CRES 70001 — Portfolio
Required for CRES Graduate Certificate
Prerequisites: Completion of CRES 60003 and two CRES electives.
Description: This culminating course in the CRES Graduate Certificate aims to prepare students to complete a CRES capstone portfolio representing the student’s work through the Graduate Certificate’s course of study. The portfolio will demonstrate both the development of student learning as well as showcase items that are products of the student’s learning in the CRES Graduate Certificate. The portfolio will be judged by a CRES core faculty committee.

Approved Electives:

WGST 50103 Feminist Inquiry (Approved for this Instructor: Sarah Robbins)
ENGL 80703 New Media and Popular Culture (Approved for Spring 2019, Jason Helms)
ENGL 80453 British Races and Racism, 1820-1910 (Approved for Fall 2019, Linda Hughes)