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Latinx Studies

Latinx studies minors explore the multiple cultures and traditions of the Latinx world in the United States, and their significance in American life. You’ll improve how you interact with diverse populations, develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills and become more adaptable for a variety of industries.

You may select from course offerings in the humanities and the social sciences focusing on the cultural, political, historical, religious and social dimensions of U.S. Latinx communities. Courses include topics such as Mexican-American history, culture and folklore, Hispanic-American literatures, U.S.-Latin American relations and the comparative study of Hispanic-American ethnic groups.

The minor requires 18 hours, including:

  • Three hours in Introduction to Latinx Studies
  • 15 hours chosen from at least three different departments

Other courses may be applied to the minor, including a substitution for the intro course, with the approval of the minor coordinator or the associate dean of AddRan College of Liberal Arts.

See the course catalog for a complete list of course offerings and descriptions

Course Catalog

Course Number Course Title TCU Core Curriculum Credit Hours
LTNO 20003 Introduction to Latina/o Studies HUM 3
ANTH 30333 Mexican American Culture LT, CA, WEM 3
ANTH 30433 Mexican-American Folklore: Traditions of La Raza 3
ANTH 30703 Archaeology of Mexico and Peru SS 3
ENGL 30703 Contemporary Latino Literature 3
ENGL 30713 Mexican American Culture LT, CA 3
HIST 30923 The United States and Latin America WEM, CA 3
RELI 30463 Being Latina/o and Religious in the U.S. CA 3
RELI 30843 Latina Feminist Religious Thought HUM, CA 3
SOCI 30343 American Minority Groups CA 3
SPAN 31803 Service-Learning in the Latino Community 3
SPAN 42003 Hispanic Literature in USA 3

David Colón Associate Professor 817.257.5667 English
Emily Farris Assistant Professor 817.257.5004 Political Science
Jeannine Gailey Associate Professor 817.257.5942 Sociology & Anthropology
Melita Garza Assistant Professor 817.257.7453
Max Krochmal Associate Professor of History and Chair of Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies 817.257.7315 History
Miguel C. Leatham Instructor II and Program Director, Anthropology 817.555.5398 Sociology & Anthropology
Celeste R. Menchaca Assistant Professor 817.257.4396 History
Santiago Piñón Assistant Professor, Director Latina/o Studies 817.257.6596 Religion
David Sandell Associate Professor 817.257.4677 Sociology & Anthropology
Morrison Gideon Wong Emeritus Professor 817.257.7472 Sociology & Anthropology