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Chair’s Message

Organized in 2015-16 in response to student interest, Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES) includes more than 50 core faculty and staff and nearly 200 total affiliated faculty and staff hailing from every college at TCU. In addition to offering TCU core curriculum courses on intercultural competency and majors and minors related to ethnic studies, CRES sponsors co-curricular programming, community-engaged learning and interdisciplinary research clusters.

CRES represents an innovative collaboration among faculty, staff and students in African-American and Africana Studies, Latinx Studies, Asian Studies, Middle East Studies, British and Colonial/Post-Colonial Studies, Urban Studies, Women and Gender Studies, and the Discovering Global Citizenship Quality Enhancement Plan.

We aim to establish TCU as a regional leader in comparative and relational race and ethnic studies.

The founding of CRES marks a critical step in demonstrating TCU’s mission — to educate individuals to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community — and toward creating the academy of tomorrow. CRES enjoys the support of the Student Government Assembly, numerous student organizations and all partnering departments and colleges.

We in the CRES community are so excited to take the next step in making the TCU educational experience more diverse, inclusive, equitable, ethical and effective. Please contact the chair’s office to get involved.

Max Krochmal, Ph.D.

Chair, Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies
Associate Professor of History