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CRES News Digest Vol. 5, Issue 1

Welcome to the CRES News Digest!
We are eager to spread any good news, perspectives, and events that our students, faculty, or staff have to share with the larger TCU and Fort Worth community. If you would like to share any CRES-related events, publications, volunteer opportunities, jobs, internships, or conference information in the next CRES News Digest, please send your suggestions to Cecilia Hill by Monday, August 24th.

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Cecilia Hill, CRES Graduate Assistant
Dr. Jane Mantey, Associate Director of CRES

CRES Spotlight

Welcome back from Dr. Scott Kurashige, the new chair of CRES.

On behalf of CRES, I would like to welcome everyone back for a new year that is certain to be unlike any before. As the new chair and also a new faculty member at TCU, I am honored and humbled to help CRES address the many challenges and opportunities confronting us at this critical moment for our department, university, and the world. CRES has played and will continue to play a vital role not only by filling in the gaps in our curriculum but also by developing research, teaching, and mentoring practices that act to decolonize education and empower members of historically disenfranchised communities both on and off campus. Read more.

A message from Dr. Mantey:

Looking forward to your return next week! Re-sharing some pertinent information for the academic year.

If you are in need of tuition assistance, please visit the COVID-19 Tuition Assistance webpage to learn about financial support opportunities that may be available to you. Also, do not hesitate to contact TCU Scholars & Financial Aid directly.

If you want to change your enrollment type (In-person vs. Online only), you can select your choice using the “Student Center” link at, but be aware that some courses may only be taken in person for accreditation requirements. (Check out 10 Reasons: A Safe Fall Return for more options available to you this upcoming semester.)

For more information on changes due to COVID19, please check out the TCU COVID19 Student Resources webpage.

Additionally, if you need to visit the CRES offices, please first make an appointment with CRES Administrative Assistant Toni Taylor by email or call the office at 817-257-4144

Thinking about the work we still need to do at TCU . . .


Why diversity training on campus is likely to disappoint

Given the vital importance of confronting past and present racism, we believe it is imperative that colleges and universities address racial disparities and discrimination in higher education head-on. However, as scholars who study race and social inequality, we know that diversity training suffers from “chronically disappointing results.” Recent research in psychology even suggests that diversity training may cause more problems than it solves.

CRES Faculty Summer Publications and Honors

CRES affiliated faculty and Assistant Professor of English, Brandon Manning’s critique of Dave Chappell’s new comedy special, “8:46″ appeared on NBC News THINK Opinion, Analysis, Essays page titled

“Netflix’s new Dave Chappelle special ‘8:46’ is no laughing matter.”

Dr. Manning states, “Netflix’s new Dave Chappelle special ‘8:46’ is successful because it is less of a standup routine and more a group therapy session for Black America”


Jeanelle Hope
CRES Assistant Professor, Jeanelle Hope wrote an article for Essence’s, In Defense of Black Lives series titled “Black Antifa AF: The Enduring Legacies Of Black Anti-Fascism” 
According to Dr. Hope, “As Black people waging a battle for our very lives, we must remember that our freedom is tied to the fall of fascism, and that many antifa protestors are working alongside our movements as allies.”


CRES Affiliated Faculty and Associate Professor of History, Dr. Max Krochmal contributed to the KERA News article, “How Collin County’s Growing Diversity May Have Shaped The El Paso Shooting Suspect.”
In the article, Dr. Krochmal states, “The very origins of Collin County and these other counties — why they were transformed from old agricultural centers to suburban bedroom communities and employment centers — had to do with race.”


Congratulations to Dr. Gabriel Huddleston, inducted as a member of the national honor society Professors of Curriculum. This professional organization, limited to 100 active members, promotes scholarship and service in the field of curriculum studies. Nominees for membership are invited and approved based on their current and potential for scholarship and service and must have at least three years of experience in the field. Since its inception in 1950, members have been considered leaders in curriculum studies, working to progress the field in new directions.


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