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Intensive English Program

Yannick Tona remembers the genocide against the Tutsi

At the age of 4, Yannick survived the 1994 genocide and rape campaign against the Tutsi in Rwanda. More than 900,000 were massacred and more than 250,000 women and girls were raped in 100 days, beginning on April 7, 1994. Yannick and his mother survived, a feat he believes can only be described as a… Read more »

COVID-19 info in multiple languages

Up to date COVID-19 information in multiple languages: Arabic (العربية), American Sign Language (), Bengali (বাংলা), Chaldean (ܣܘܪܝܬ) Cape-Verdean Creole (Kriolu), simplified Chinese (國語), Dari & Farsi (دريلو, فارسی), French (Français), Haitian Creole (kreyòl ayisyen), Hmong (Hmoob), Korean (한국어), Polish (Język polski), Punjabi (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ), Russian (Pусский), Spanish (español), Tagalog (Filipino), Urdu (اُردو‎), Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt), Yiddish… Read more »

Interdisciplinary Multilingual Team makes “How We Feel” app to cool COVID-19 hotspots

April 3, 2020— A new app “How We Feel” developed by an interdisciplinary, multi-lingual, multi-institutional team of researchers, including Xihong Lin, Jukka-Pekka Onnela, Christine Tedijanto, and Yonatan Grad of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, could help researchers and public health officials pinpoint COVID-19 hotspots, predict areas that could soon see spikes in COVID-19 cases, understand pertinent… Read more »

Boschini questions English-only alert system / preguntas Boschini Inglés-único sistema de alerta / Boschini không thích hệ thống cảnh báo “chỉ tiếng Anh”

Chancellor Victor Boschini has asked his staff to review why TCU’s alert system continues to be in English only. Concerns about the system’s verbal warnings and text messages were first raised following a campus lockdown in 2017 when Spanish-speaking staff said they were unsure of what was happening. A monolingual alert system has put some staff members… Read more »

SIS has a global impact through its IEP students from Rwanda.

SIS has a global impact through its IEP students from Rwanda. Sakina Usengimana continued her activism in Spring 2019. In Washington DC, she led the international Walk to Remember, collaborating with other TCU students and with individuals studying at four other US universities. There, on April 7, they engaged in the 25th annual commemoration of… Read more »