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A Note from Dr. Karen Steele, Dean of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies

We enlist your support as educators, scholars, and students in resisting and addressing the racism, xenophobia, and nationalism that have emerged in the wake of the current health concerns. Viruses, of course, do not discriminate by nationality, region, gender, race or ethnicity. Yet many Asians and Asian-Americans are experiencing discrimination, hostility, and exclusion both in person and on social media platforms. Suspicion and hostility have also fallen on individuals who choose to wear masks in public whether for cultural reasons or from concerns for personal health.

The School of Interdisciplinary Studies condemns all prejudicial and racialized responses to the current viral outbreak. We ask that all of us at TCU uphold fully professional and inclusive work and educational environments for every member of our community during this health crisis and continue to be aware of the burden that persons of Asian identities may be experiencing at this time.