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Idea Factory Workshop Series

This semester Idea Factory has begun offering workshops to spread Human Centered Design  and Life Design awareness around TCU’s campus. The most popular of these workshops has been Design Your Horned Frog Experience, a one and a half hour student-led life design experience geared towards first-years and transfer students. This workshop uses human centered design techniques to allow new horned frogs to think more deeply and intentionally about their college, and more specifically TCU, experience.

The workshop begins with a warm up to get students ready to think creatively and then dives right into the content. Our Senior workshop coaches have been trained in human centered design to help guide the workshop participants through the content and form powerful conclusions. In this workshop, participants leave with a practical and tangible 2-year plan for the next segment of their college career. This plan is grounded in the participant’s pain points and helps them tackle their real goals. This tangible plan is a creative way to condense an intimidating college and post-college life into actionable steps that will set you up for success.

If you are interested in signing up for Design Your Horned Frog Experience or another Idea Factory workshop, visit or to learn more visit to learn more.