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School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Inherently problem based, Interdisciplinary Studies connects diverse experts and methods to address complex challenges. It invariably contains an integrative element (for example, race, gender, sexuality, class) that brings together and benefits from traditional disciplinary knowledge and tools.

Online Learning

Online courses can be extremely intimidating, and as someone who does her best learning in a collaborative classroom setting, I was especially fearful for this transition to online learning amid the pandemic. Of the many fears I faced, the biggest one was being unable to learn the structure of online classes. The fear of what I thought would be “teaching myself” aside, I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to keep up, thus missing due dates, exams, quizzes, etc. and ultimately failing. While each professor structures their classes online differently, I have found that their willingness to assist students in any way possible remains the same. Some professors conducted lectures via zoom, while others resorted to videoing lectures and uploading them to D2L. In my experience, online learning hasn’t been nearly as difficult as I once anticipated it would be. I wasn’t simply “teaching myself” and being tested on that ability, the professors structure their courses in a way that allows them to actually teach students from afar, not just have students teach themselves. With this, I have also learned that clarifying is key… if feelings of uncertainty arise regarding dates, lectures, assignments, or anything else, professors truly want to know that there is confusion so they’re able to clarify it. Whether via email, zoom, or during lectures, the professors are there to help guide and assist students and to create an environment that’s as close to in-person as possible. While online learning is seemingly far from what most students are used to, I’ve quickly realized it becomes more normal than you might expect.

~ Kennedy A. Collins

Of course, taking an online class does not provide the same experience as in-person class, but thanks to the hard work of Dr. Joanne Green, she was able to bridge that gap. I am sure that with adequate preparation and guidance, all of the professors at TCU will be able to provide the best experience possible in the current difficult circumstances.

~ Michael Simanovskyy

Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies

In addition to examining the experiences of marginalized communities in the U.S. and beyond, students explore race and ethnicity as active social, political, historical and cultural processes and use race and ethnicity as categories of analysis across time and space.

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Women & Gender Studies

TCU’s Department of Women & Gender Studies puts women, gender, and sexuality at the center of academic investigation. Our programs promote inquiry into the intersections of gender with other identity categories; the workings of power in society; and the means of advancing social justice and equality.

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The TCU IdeaFactory is dedicated to supporting the innovative spirit of TCU students, staff and faculty by providing an environment and resources where an idea can be advanced to a prototype, and potentially, beyond.

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University Life

Introduction to University Life is a student success seminar for incoming TCU students that helps students cultivate habits of learning and academic achievement.

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African American and Africana Studies

African American and Africana Studies (AAAS) minor is an interdisciplinary program that offers an introduction to the study of African intellectual heritages locally and globally.

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Latinx Studies

The Latinx Studies (formerly Latina/o Studies) minor program explores the multiple cultures and traditions of the Latinx world in the United States, and their significance and contribution to American life and legacies of resistance.

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Interdisciplinary Inquiry

If your academic interests extend beyond traditional academic disciplines, the Interdisciplinary Inquiry major can help you achieve your academic and professional goals.

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